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More details about the archiving service for websites, forums and electronic stores
(Archive sites in Google Google SEO) A special offer for archiving
Distinguish your site and make it one of the strongest sites through the offers of archiving sites at Sarawat Company
Definition of archiving SEO > What is Google archiving?
Configure the site for search engines SEO, or in other words, make it conform to the teachings, requirements and regulations of search engines such as Google and bing
And Yahoo and other well-known search engines that people use to access various goods and services
and information from web sites.
That is, when your site is compatible with the terms of search engines, the most important of which is Google
This makes it at the forefront of results, and also configures the site to help search engine spiders
Ease of accessing your website pages and content and including them in their indexes on a regular basis
That is, every specific period, Google enters and indexes or saves your pages within the results it has.
° Search engine spiders are:
Robots used by search engines to scan billions of pages and sites very quickly
, and sort them by content for each page and site.
Then you display it in the search results that researchers are looking for for goods and services, as we all do
(Information from Internet users)
° There are many companies for e-marketing and preparing sites for search engines, SEO companies
These companies can develop an integrated marketing plan to increase the rate of visitors to your site
The site appears in the first results of search engines, but there must be something very important,
It is that the SEO expert or the site preparation expert for search engines in your company works with the site designer who will design your site,
In order to develop a complete and successful plan for the design of the site from the beginning in line with the rules and requirements of search engines
Because the site must be built on a sound foundation from the beginning, to comply with the teachings of Google
Because the speed of the site and its compatibility with different devices, the most important of which are mobile browsers, makes a big difference in the results and their quality.
° Because it is important during the design of the site that the site is planned, arranged and created on the basis of Google and search engines and configured for them
To fit their conditions, because if the site fits the terms of Google and search engines, it becomes easy and in a short period of time to appear
The highest results and this is considered one of the most important things now in the world of websites
It only matters that you appear first, and this only comes with good content and configuration for your site from the beginning
Also, one of the most important topics is that the topics and pages are new and not copied. This point is one of the most important points ever.

always remember ….
Whoever searches for a good or service such as Google, Yahoo, Bing and others,
Only the first, second and third results of a search are usually seen, with a percentage of 70%.
Therefore, it is very important where your site ranks in this category
This is what we will help you to reach, God willing

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Why choose Srwat Web Hosting

Immediate delivery service
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Unlimited data transfer
Unlimited FTP Accounts
Unlimited number of subdomains
Unlimited number of databases
Unlimited postal accounts

Cloudlinux system stability
LiteSpeed Accelerator
Imunify360 Protection
one click 460 scripts
Indoor, outdoor backup

Create a private DNS
Manage yore domain
Add more than one domain
Turn on Or off the range
Anti-theft protection

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