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A Saudi company specialized in providing digital services. The company has a great history of working for many years, extending from 2011 until now. The company provides many important services that serve customers of all segments, whether they are institutions or individuals.


It provides its services professionally and professionally, and we work in the areas of digital services in the design of websites and software at the highest level From professionalism to hosting, marketing and archiving services

Online Store Design

Online store design for selling products and services
in Saudi Arabia online, and manage shipment and payment operations, It became the ideal solution to increase sales and profits.

With a quick look at the volume of e- commerce in the world, With the growth rate of online store sales, three main things become clear to us:

Creating an online store or online market is no longer optional, as it was in the past. If you own a physical store or a physical store.The nature of the work of any online store leads to increased sales, Because customers can place orders 24 hours a day with just a few clicks.Designing multi-merchant online stores as an independent business project, It is one of the most successful projects that made real breakthroughs in the lives of entrepreneurs.

Our clients are in all fields (sites and applications).


Domain name

We provide a domain of your choice


Ease of use

Site management control panel


Technical Support

Website maintenance and security

“How can I get an online store design?”

To design a successful online store or online marketplace in the Kingdom.
By purchasing a professional online store design service from Srwat Company.

But before that, you must understand the secrets of e-commerce and learn about
Best e-commerce design package.

We at Srwat have decided to put our 12 years of continuous experience in designing electronic stores at your fingertips.

Therefore, in these packages, we offer you to know the requirements for creating an online store, and the prices for designing professional electronic stores, in order to start the work of the online store in a strong and effective manner.

Online Store Design Pricing Plans

Srwat sets of services provided by
Digital Mnsah Platform for Information Tech.

Started its activity in 2011 to practice its work provide innovative software solutions & information tech. services
for government sectors, institutions and companies.
company is officially registered Ministry of Commerce & Investment
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: 1010370520.
Riyadh, Malaz, Prince Fahd Bin Ibrahim Street

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Government agencies and universities work with us
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a variety of different payment methods that suit everyone from inside the Kingdom and all Arab and international countries.


Distributor System

Now you can get more profit with the distributor program adopted by Srwat Company. You will get more discounts as your business increases with us.



It is a set of the most common and requested questions from the client, which gives the client complete and comprehensive information about Srwat Company and the nature of its work.


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The company is not responsible for any dealings outside our official domain, and our trade name is Srwat Company, which is affiliated with Mnsah Digital Tech.