Refund Policy

The digital IT platform guarantees the return of your purchases through Sarwat and a refund of the money paid for the services you received according to the following:

The e-store systems and e-commerce applications that we provide through Sarawat that allow you to display your products and services through them are generally eligible for a refund within a period of time not exceeding 14 days.

The refund request does not cover the costs of electronic payment gateways, shipping gates, application publishing store fees, and any third-party services for running applications, and the Digital Information Technology Platform Corporation is not obligated to refund or pay compensation for it.

If the beneficiary of Sarawat’s services causes illegal acts that violate the e-commerce policies in force in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, or causes any problem, complaint or dispute with another party that arises from his activity through the services that were provided to him, or results in financial obligations whatever they may be, the platform institution Digital disclaims all responsibility for any material or moral obligations arising from the misuse of its service.

A refund does not cover the cost of purchasing domains and will be charged if there is a refund request.

You can apply for a refund by emailing with the need to start with the rationale for submitting the request.

For questions and inquiries

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