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A Saudi company specialized in providing digital services. The company has a great history of working for many years, extending from 2011 until now. The company provides many important services that serve customers of all segments, whether they are institutions or individuals.


It provides its services professionally and professionally, and we work in the areas of digital services in the design of websites and software at the highest level From professionalism to hosting, marketing and archiving services

Real Estate Website Design

Do you want to design a real estate website and publish ads for buying, selling and renting real estate?

Do you also want to profit from creating real estate websites or real estate auctions, including buying, selling, leasing and real estate investments?

We offer you real estate website design offers

First of all, having a website is crucial these days

Because most customers always use the Internet to compare and rent real estate, so every real estate office or real estate company must design a website to clearly display its properties.

People are now searching for their services and products through the Internet and comparing different services and products. If you do not have a website, you will have to lose these customers and their potential deals.

Our clients are in all fields (sites and applications).


Domain name

domain of your choice


Ease of use

Site management panel


Technical Support

maintenance & protection

Website for renting or buying real estate

Different offers for all areas of real estate companies. If you have a real estate marketing office, or a real estate investment company and want to design a real estate website, or want to open new markets in the field of real estate, visitors are allowed to display their properties, whether for rent or ownership, and also receive requests from those looking About real estate to display on the site, we offer you a real estate site design offer, where you can easily manage your business and control the sections of the site, and add offers and requests to the site according to regions and cities, which contributes to developing your business, expanding your customer base and achieving more success in your business.

We have provided designs for real estate websites to make it easier for real estate owners to open new markets for their properties through the Internet. Provide them with the necessary technology today in order to reach the potential customer, or if the customer searches on the Internet, you will gain the opportunity to present your property to him and advertise it. We have designed real estate websites to include the latest technologies such as (html5-css3), in addition to having strong templates compatible with computers and smart devices, and it can be customized to match the client’s vision, and finally marketing for the real estate website on the Internet by creating search engines and advertisements Which helps in the rapid spread of the real estate site and the competition of other real estate sites.

Srwat Service Provided by
Mnsah Digital Platform for Information Tech.

Started activities in 2011 to practice work
Providing innovative software solutions & information tech. services
For government sectors, institutions and companies.
Company is officially registered Ministry of Commerce and Investment
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia C.T. 1010370520.
Riyadh, Malaz, Prince Fahd Bin Ibrahim Street

Year Founded
Years of Experience
Government agencies & universities work with us
Number of completed projects

Professional website design
Electronic forms integrated into the site (contact forms,
requests for quotations and purchase requests)
Electronic registration systems on the companies’ website and mailing lists to communicate with customers and visitors of the company
One month of free technical support to fix errors, if any
Website design packages from Sarawat Company
We provide a domain of your choice, for example “”
We provide a domain e-mail, for example “”
We provide a control panel in order to manage site using the required languages
We provide unlimited pages where you can add them from the control panel.
We archive the site on all search engines, including Google.
We provide statistics on the number of visitors to the site.
We provide site maintenance and include protection for both the site
& e-mail. We are working on preparing the site so that it can work on smart phones and all devices.

Integrated work team
Supervisors in each department are capable of continuous
analysis and follow-up
24/7 technical support and website maintenance
Website design is fully compatible with different device sizes,
mobiles and tablets
Upgrade the taste in choosing the colors and distributions of the elements
Coding designs using the latest HTML5 & CSS3 content writing languages
Professional logo and business identity design
We support design of templates, that is, the internal pages are customized
Content management system for easy control of the contents of the site (control of every part, even small) without referring to the design company
Unlimited number of subpages
Integrating the site with social networks
Adding Google electronic maps to clarify the addresses of the company’s headquarters and branches

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