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A Saudi company specialized in providing digital services. The company has a great history of working for many years, extending from 2011 until now. The company provides many important services that serve customers of all segments, whether they are institutions or individuals.


It provides its services professionally and professionally, and we work in the areas of digital services in the design of websites and software at the highest level From professionalism to hosting, marketing and archiving services

What is distance education?

Distance education is a modern and advanced phenomenon of education that has emerged with the development of science and technology. Distance education is considered one of the modern and advanced methods in the field of education, as it depends entirely on specialized electronic platforms that provide information in all fields through the Internet without the need to go to school, university or other traditional educational institutions.

There are many distance learning platforms around the world, such as Khan Academy and the edX platform of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is considered one of the best institutes in its field. And also many other platforms, including Arabic, such as the Edraak and Rwaq platform.

There are many famous universities that provide distance education service to all students of the world, such as Victoria University in Australia and Auckland University of Technology in New Zealand, The mediator of distance education has spread at the present time due to the spread of the Corona virus, which made all universities and schools turn to distance education platforms in order to complete the school year for this year.

Our clients are in all fields (sites and applications).


Domain name

We provide a domain of your choice


Ease of use

Site management control panel


Technical Support

Website maintenance and security

e-learning platform

To create an e-learning website, you need the following things:

Domain name
It is the address of the website (the platform), that is, the name of the platform that you will create. The domain name is specified when purchasing the platform's web hosting.

Its main function is to support your platform and operate it in the best way, and it is the cornerstone for building any website or platform on the Internet, and hosting can be purchased from the Internet and prices vary according to the advantages of each hosting. Since you want to create an educational platform through WordPress, we recommend Srwat, as it is among the best WordPress hosting, and you can benefit from our website design program

SSL Certificate
It is a security certificate that you can obtain when purchasing hosting, and you cannot create a profitable website or platform without this certificate because it allows you to accept your site in Google and at the same time accept electronic payments. The Srwat hosting that we mentioned above gives you a security certificate in addition to a domain name, both for free.

Helpful add-ons like Lifter LMS and Paid membership pro.
Choose the right template
The template is the one that gives shape to your site and defines its goal so that there are templates dedicated to news, educational, entertainment, etc. sites, and the best suitable templates will be nominated to create a distance learning platform.

Srwat sets of services provided by
Digital Mnsah Platform for Information Tech.

Started its activity in 2011 to practice its work provide innovative software solutions & information tech. services
for government sectors, institutions and companies.
company is officially registered Ministry of Commerce & Investment
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: 1010370520.
Riyadh, Malaz, Prince Fahd Bin Ibrahim Street

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Distributor System

Now you can get more profit with the distributor program adopted by Srwat Company. You will get more discounts as your business increases with us.



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The company is not responsible for any dealings outside our official domain, and our trade name is Srwat Company, which is affiliated with Mnsah Digital Tech.