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Technical support

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Technical Support Plans

Paid Technical Support According To The Service
Price Be Determined later One Time
Select Your Request To Do The Necessary
  • Installation + Settings + VPS Server Protection
  • Installation + settings + Dedicated server protection
  • Installing and configuring WHMCS settings
  • Manual backup installation or manual site transfer
  • Installing, protecting or upgrading a script
  • Site specific services
Specialized Employee With Monthly Salary
3000 SAR Monthly
The Employee's Working hours are Fixed Weekly
  • Employee available 7 days a week
  • An employee is an expert delegated to helps you perform various tasks
  • The employee works online 3 hours a day to complete the tasks required
  • Employee completes tasks Required during working hours
  • Employee completes the remaining tasks during the rest of day
  • The employee works on Thursdays and Fridays, if work requires it

Service Request Steps

The first step

Submission Application

Go to the list of services and choose the service you want to get.

The second step


We offer more than one payment method. Choose what suits you

The third step

Execution Request

Work team is ready to implement your request as soon as possible.

the last step

Data Delivery

Delivering the customer's data as quickly as possible.

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Now you can get more profit with the distributor program adopted by Srwat Company. You will get more discounts as your business increases with us.



It is a set of the most common and requested questions from the client, which gives the client complete and comprehensive information about Srwat Company and the nature of its work.


Usage Agreement

In order to preserve the level of efficiency and quality, the company’s management decided to put some laws and regulations that prevent any wrong consumption of our servers.



The company is not responsible for any dealings outside our official domain, and our trade name is Srwat Company, which is affiliated with Mnsah Digital Tech.