Document management & electronic archiving

In light of this huge amount of papers, files and transactions increasing on a daily basis, the organization loses control over the work and thus time and effort is wasted in addition to the loss and loss of important transactions and documents and their unavailability when they are needed.

From this point of view came the modern technology to organize, facilitate and save this huge amount of information through advanced solutions that help control the flow of documents and follow their progress, archiving and retrieval.

The digital platform provides integrated solutions for managing and archiving files and documents for companies, institutions and government sectors to achieve maximum productivity to support business. Through our specialization and deep experience in the field of electronic archiving and scanning, we can provide the necessary support and assistance for you to transform into an integrated electronic management.

It will become very easy to index, organize and archive transactions, correspondence, contracts and invoices, and keep safe electronic copies that can be referenced. In addition to the features of quickly searching for any document or document in record time, re-viewing, printing and sharing. With the institution reassuring its documents and files through safe keeping of photocopies and scanned copies, and permanent backup of files.

We provide our services to clients in all government sectors,

ministries and government departments,
as well as to private parties
....From companies and institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf.
We have solutions for all different sectors:

• The health sector and medical records.
• The military sector.
• Education and training.
• Centers for preserving documents and manuscripts.
• Shipping companies and customs clearance.
• Financial and administrative dealings.
• Human Resource Management.
• Property and real estate management.
• Oil and gas companies and service companies.
• Libraries of universities, public libraries and research centers.

Knowing that there is a great need for document and document management services and electronic archiving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we focused our attention in this field until the digital platform for information technology became one of the expert technical companies that provide document management solutions and services and electronic documents and archiving in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and we have, thanks to God, extensive experience in this The field enabled us to implement many projects that achieved the goals of our clients, with the grace of God.

Srwat sets of services provided by
Mnsah Digital Platform for Information Tech.

Started its activity in 2011 to practice its work provide innovative software solutions & information tech. services
for government sectors, institutions and companies.
company is officially registered Ministry of Commerce & Investment
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Tel: 1010370520.
Riyadh, Malaz, Prince Fahd Bin Ibrahim Street

Year Founded
Years of Experience
Government agencies & universities work with us
Number of completed projects
The digital platform introduces a document container system for document management and electronic archiving;
This system has received great attention from customers for its efficiency in managing and archiving documents and for its ease of handling by ordinary users.

Our systems are characterized by their ability to:

  • Data capture:

    Documents and files are scanned and uploaded to the centrally controlled electronic system and shared across the organization's units.

  • Documentation strategy:

    Full support for the archival tree of the organization's files and alignment with the file strategy such as financial, procurement, employee, administrative and medical files.

  • File sharing:

    1. A high possibility of exchanging files within the organization according to the powers available to each department without overlapping work.
    2. Support for cloud storage.
    3. Safe entry and ease of use.
    4. Work from any branch in any region & from field as if you were in one office.
    5. Synchronize files across branches.

Document management within the organization is of great importance in achieving the success of the institution and achieving its goals. We are interested in providing technical solutions that transform the paperwork system within the institution into an integrated electronic environment that supports business services for all sectors and achieves the maximum desired benefit and high productivity compared to traditional transactions.

Our systems are characterized by their ability to



  • Ease of searching and retrieval:

    Search engine for quick access to required files, full support for printers, scanners, and barcodes.

  • Cloud support:

    Support for cloud drives and file synchronization across the electronic system.

  • Multiple powers:

    Determining the powers of employees according to the tasks assigned to them, and according to the departments and documents under their authority.

  • working folder:

    It is easy for managers to distribute files of daily work tasks to employees, share them from anywhere, exchange                                                              documents between departments and branches, edit and save them directly, such as word and Excel files.

  • Archive folders:

    You will find an electronic copy at your fingertips of any file or transaction saved, without the hassle. Archiving emails,
    faxes, files and documents, and also:
    Invoices/Reports/Contracts/Extracts/Circulars/Statements/Staff files/Patients files/
    Client files/project reports/project files/bills of lading/case and insurance files.

  • Document scanning:

    Enable employees to scan files and deposit them to the cloud archive And enabling employees in record time to work on and share them.

  • Print copies from anywhere:

    It is very easy to print any required file in record time
    And from any branch connected to the electronic cloud.

  • Email support:

    Send documents directly from the system via e-mail.

  • Customization according to customer needs:

                                                     We provide customization and programming
                                                     services according to customer requirements.

  • Backup:

    The ability to make automatic backups for electronic archiving units

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